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Hi, My name is Tony Marriott and I need to tell you about something amazing. This has been growing faster than an Australian wildfire and will be huge in 2019 and beyond.

In fact, if you're not tied into this now you are either losing wads of cash or worse you could be heading for complete disaster.

Seriously, I can't state this strong enough. It's that big and it's that important. Please hang in there while I explain exactly what I mean.


Yes, I'm talking about mobile phones but what I have to say may shock you.


Most people are doing this all wrong.There's one huge flaw in the system and it's getting bigger every day.

It's generally accepted that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well even that old adage is outdated because if you are selling anything online or offline, and you keep doing the same thing you are doing today,
you are NOT going to get the same results tomorrow!.....

I can guarantee that the outcome will change

For the worst, rapidly and catastrophically.

Because you are not keeping up with the mobile revolution.

Yeah, I know you think you are but trust me you're probably not.... and even if you are, I can guarantee your clients aren't!

If you think being an offline business protects you then you are very sadly mistaken. In fact offline businesses are being impacted the most. Having “mobile friendly” web pages no longer cuts the mustard!

Imagine you wanted to climb Mount Everest! Then being MOBILE FRIENDLY is the equivalent to putting your climbing boots on. They are absolutely necessary but you are going to need a heck of a lot more than that to get you to the top!

The experience you get from using a smart phone is a million miles away from using a desktop or laptop computer. And the mobile user's expectations are much higher. No longer will mobile users put up with hard to view screens, badly formatted emails, impossible to fill in forms and tedious to read web pages. Mobile users expect an experience to be as good (if not better) on a mobile phone than on a desktop.

Think about this statistic?

Over 51% Of Facebook Users Only Interact On A Mobile Phone. That's nearly 800 Million users a month.

That's means over half of the users of the western worlds biggest social network don't even use a laptop or desktop

Or what about this?

91% of consumers check their email at least once per day on their smartphone.

The simple fact is that if you are not giving your customers (or future customers) the best mobile experience available then they will be going elsewhere. To your competitors! The one's that do embrace the new era of mobile.

Like I said, don't think that offline businesses are protected. Exactly the opposite. Mobile is massively local or should that read local is massively mobile. By that I mean mobile works fantastically for local businesses. Mobile, GPS, Maps , Apps and Searches make mobile THE killer tool for growing local businesses.

For new businesses it may be the single most critical factor that will effect success, failure and future.

There is only one way to ensure the perfect mobile experience. That's to create a specific environment for mobile devices. NO, not just mobile friendly web pages. Far from it.

Dedicated mobile landing pages that are killer targeted to exactly what you want, what the customer wants and in a way that makes it so easy for them they can't help but engage.

OK, time for another statistic

If an email does not display correctly, 71.2% will delete it immediately!!

Shock horror. Actually worse, a similar fate probably awaits a hard to read web page or a hard to complete web form or even a difficult to click button. Not everyone has super slim, ultimately agile fingers and most people are not very patient. Make it hard for them to do what they want or what you want them to do, and they will be looking up your competition before you can say “friend me on Facebook”.

The great news is I have the perfect solution to all these problems with:

Total Mobile Pages

A complete mobile marketing solution that can:

Build customer and prospects email lists.
Get customers actually coming to your bricks and mortar location.
Get customers and prospects phoning your business directly.
Build an army of Facebook Fans.
Or a Ton of Twitter Followers.
Engage with your customers with discount coupons, offers and more.
Use mobile video to really grab your prospective customer's attention.

And You can do all that with:

  • No programming skills
  • No graphics Skills
  • No video skills
  • No design Skills

In fact a complete novice can:

  • Create all the custom mobile landing pages that you will ever need
  • Add self hosted or YouTube videos
  • Add images and overlays
  • Change all text and background colours
  • Customize header footers and descriptions
  • Add autoresponder forms
  • Add location addresses
  • Target specific Facebook posts and pages or Twitter accounts
  • Automatically shorten URLs and generate traffic analytics
  • Generate QR codes for the landing pages with the click of a button

QR codes can be used on any printed marketing material such as business cards, table tents, brochures, flyers, menus, magazines, even products and product packaging. In fact any printed media at all. And of course it works perfectly on web pages too.

QR codes are key. Simply scanning a QR code can take you directly to any landing page. Think about it. Who the heck wants to be typing URLs or domain names into a mobile phone.

Do QR Codes Really Work?

Like every marketing tool it works if you use it the right way. You can't just bang up a QR code and expect people to find it, scan it and get excited by your call to action. Much like building an email list you need to offer a value that exceeds the effort. QR codes work like gangbusters for discounts codes, special offers, free downloads and the like. With the right placement and the right encouragement it is dynamite!

Total Mobile Pages is an extremely powerful marketing tool and to make sure you can use it to your advantage I am throwing in my secret mobile marketing strategy (using QR codes) as a completely free bonus. This strategy can be used for almost any local or offline business or niche and is guaranteed to work. Whether you use this for your own business or sell it as a service to your clients it is sure to increase any businesses income, customers, exposure and ROI.

I have been working online now for over 7 years and have built my reputation and portfolio on a number of highly successful software applications.

Total Mobile Pages (TMP) is the next bad boy in my portfolio.

And this is one you are not going to want to miss.


I have solved all the access problems for Mac and PC owners by creating Total Mobile Pages as a web based application (SaaS - software as a service). This means you can access TMP from any internet connected device, any operating system and from anywhere in the world. Yes, even from that world famous cafe that all internet marketers work from :)

I will host all your mobile landing pages for free so you don't even need hosting.

There really are no restrictions or entry barriers to Total Mobile Pages.

In fact to make sure you can get exactly what meets your needs I have created two licence options for TMP

1. Is a personal use (your business) licence but with the same full professional facilities and functions of the Commercial licence.

2. The full commercial licence gives you everything the Pro licence offers but you can also sell the mobile landing pages to your clients or offer them as a recurring service.

So let's just cover exactly what you get with each TMP licence

1. Full access to the Total Mobile Pages System
2. Create up to 50 custom mobile landing pages.
3. Change landing pages as often as you like
4. I host all your landing pages for you.
5. Generate unlimited QR codes.
6. Auto traffic analytics via Google (nothing to install)
7. Full unlimited personal use

With the Full Commercial licence you get everything above plus:

1. 100 Landing pages
2. Set up landing pages for clients. Resell landing pages or offer as a service.

This One-Time Payment For Full Access is only available during this special campaign


Full Commercial Licence

aTotal Mobile Pages Developer/Reseller (qrc_commercial)

Standard Pro Licence

aTotal Mobile Pages Pro (qrc_pro)

Special offer of a one-off full access. Pretty impressive offer you have to agree but I am going to sweeten the pot with three high value bonuses.


My secret mobile Marketing Strategy That is guaranteed to increase the income, engagement, and customers of any business. This straight forward no fluff report covers the exact strategy that you can use for your own business or for your customers.


10 Fully Original Mobile Marketing Articles. Use to educate your customers, add to your blog or business website or even compile into and digital information product or lead magnet.



A fully built and configured, fully responsive Offline Business Consultancy Web Site. Based on WordPress it comes as a template that just needs installing on your own hosting. Comes with full instructions and free giveaway offline business services ebook.

Why are you still reading on and not clicking the payment button above? Ahhh.. I know. You're still a bit stunned at the ridiculously low cost of this complete mobile marketing solution. Well you have no need to worry.

I am so confident that you will absolutely love TMP that I am removing all your worries with a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. It's as good as money in the bank. If you're not 100% ecstatic, just tell me and I refund 100% of your money and thank you for trying.


P.S. New Templates added and more goodies coming soon for those already signed up
P.P.S. 2019 is the year of the mobile. Don't plan to fail, plan to join it!
P.P.P.S. If this isn't the easiest way to make more money for any business I'll eat my hat.