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The most difficult part of any business is getting leads. Without leads you will never have customers, without customers you will never make money.

And let’s be clear about this. Everyone is in business to make money.

If you’re not then you shouldn’t be here!

With Get My Business Leads (GMBL) you can find an unlimited number of local offline business leads. GMBL specializes in finding Google + Places (Google My Business) unclaimed listings.

This information alone will give you more qualified leads than you will ever need. Every  offline business needs to have a claimed, verified and optimized listing at Google My Business. It is a very easy and straightforward process to do all that but most business owners will either have no idea or no time to perform those tasks.

This is one of the easiest services to supply to your clients and the easiest services to sell.  It also one of the best introduction to any new client you can find. Do this right (and it’s hard not too!) and your new clients will be open to any other services you can offer then.

Site Design, SEO, Business Directory Management, Reputation Management, Email Marketing and many more.

But Get My Business Leads Doesn’t stop there. It find unclaimed listing on Bing Places and Yahoo local as well. If fact it utilizes the power of Bing and Yahoo search to find unclaimed Google listings in any location or for a specific trade or profession.

Not sure what business market to go after. No problem GMBL has yiu covered with a full trade/category list from Google’s own directory.

Combine that with three pack and full pack listings so yiu can find those prospects that are just outside the three pack. Do you think they will be wanting help to get into the three pack. You can bet your bottom dollar they will!

And the pièce de résistance? You can do a full scan of the 50+ to online business directories like Yellow Pages and Foursquare etc to check the listings of any businesses leads you find. These reports show exactly what is missing or incorrect in the business listings.  Snapshot these detailed reports and watch your prospects beg you to fix it for them.